"Love Week Seychelles" is the event designed to make you live an incredible experience in Catamaran!
True paradise on earth, this trip will allow you to experience the beautiful white beaches, beautiful coral reefs populated by colorful fish, giant sea turtles and crystal clear lagoons of the Indian Ocean.
There are more than one hundred islands in the Seychelles archipelago, the vast majority still uninhabited. In these parts, nature takes over and simply from the bow of the catamaran you can fully enjoy the picturesque landscape.


12 Mar 2021
20 Mar 2021

Each island of the archipelago is a precious pearl set in nature, so it's worth living it in the round, as the catamaran experience allows.
The itinerary begins in the Sainte Anne National Marine Park for an unforgettable first encounter with the explosion of shapes and colors of the local nature. The ideal place for snorkeling. The sails are set and we move on to Cocos Island, a wonderful place with its evocative landscapes and the thousands of multicolored fish that populate its waters. The next stops will be La Digue, the queen of the Seychelles archipelago, Cousin Island, home and refuge of the famous giant tortoises, Vallée de Mai, the natural reserve of UNESCO heritage.
It doesn't end here! Next will be the island of Curieuse and the famous islet of Saint Pierre with its rocks that are the typical and superb scenery of the Seychelles.
It will end with Praslin with its beautiful white sand beaches and lush tropical forest will be the conclusion of a unique and exclusive experience that will always remain in the heart.
Do not miss this incredible experience!